About Us

The Great Australian Squeezeis a proudly Australian owned family business that produces the freshest, finest orange juice in Australia. Our juice is grown, squeezed and bottled on farm, ensuring a premium product at an affordable price for the Australian public.

Over 60 years ago Walter John and Winifred Ruth Williamson purchased a sandhill at Barham on the banks of the Murray River, in southern NSW. They built their home nearby and named the property Kurrnung. Their son, Philip Williamson, together with his wife Sandra, developed Kurrnung into a highly productive, 290 acre citrus orchard.

In 2012 Philip and Sandra, along with their daughter Emma, further expanded the Kurrnung orchard to include an on-farm processing and bottling plant capable of producing 2,000 litres of juice per hour and – ­The Great Australian Squeeze was born.

Today the fourth generation of the Williamson family is growing up on the property and the established orchard consists of Navel and Valencia oranges, grapefruit, lemons and limes and produces more than 6,000 tonnes of fresh Australian citrus fruit each year.